Yamaha SW10 Studio Sub Woofer Monitor
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Refined Monitoring Precision
  • 10" bass-reflex powered subwoofer delivers solid 25Hz- 150Hz frequency response..
  • 180 watts dynamic power.
  • XLR balanced inputs (L/R/SUBWOOFER) .
  • XLR balanced outputs(L/R/SUBWOOFER) parallel connection with input signals.
  • Level control facilitates precise system level controls.
  • 40-120 Hz, 80 Hz at Center Click LPF controls.
  • Phase switch simplifies phase allignment.
  • Full magnetic shielding.
Yamaha's "STUDIO" series monitors have been designed with serious monitoring in mind. Emphasis is on reference-quality reproduction precision that lets you hear sonic details, rather than flattering sound. They carry on in the tradition of the venerable NS10M STUDIO monitor speaker, which was the definitive near-field speaker monitor in an overwhelming majority of professional studios throughout the world for many years from the 80s onward. But technology has evolved dramatically right throughout the audio chain, and speakers must follow suit.The new top-of-the-line MSP7 STUDIO Powered Monitor Speaker is capable of delivering consistent quality and performance that you can rely on in modern production environments that handle any combination of digital and analog sources as well as stereo and surround formats.

General specifications MSP7 STUDIO MSP5 STUDIO SW10 STUDIO
Speaker type Biamp, 2-way powered speaker Biamp, 2-way powered speaker Powered subwoofer
Frequency response -10dB 45Hz-40kHz 50Hz-40kHz 25Hz-150Hz
Components LF 6.5" cone 5" cone 10" cone
HF 1.0" titanium dome 1.0" titanium dome -
Crossover 2.5kHz 2.5kHz -
Output power LF: 80W, HF: 50W LF: 40W, HF: 27W 180W
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 106dB 101dB 111dB SPL
I/O connetcors XLR-3-31 type XLR-3-31 type, Phone 3x XLR-3-31 type, 3x XLR-3-32 type
Processors Low cut (Flat/80/100Hz; 12dB/oct), High trim (15kHz; +1.5/0/-1.5dB), Low trim (45Hz; +1.5/0/-1.5/-3dB) High trim (15kHz; +1.5/0/-1.5dB), Low trim (60Hz; +1.5/0/-1.5/-3dB) LPF (40-120Hz)
Power consumption 100W 60W 160W
Magnetic shielding Yes Yes Yes (None covered type)
Flying and mounting hardware 2x M8 2x M8 -
Dimensions W 218mm; 8-5/8in 179mm; 7in 328mm; 12-7/8in
H 330mm; 13in 279mm; 11in 459mm; 18-1/8in
D 235mm; 9-1/4in 208mm; 8-1/4in 476mm; 18-3/4in
Net weight 12.2kg; 26.9lbs 7.9kg; 17.4lbs 26.5kg; 58.4lbs
Accessories Owner’s manual, AC power cord Owner’s manual, AC power cord Owner’s manual, AC power cord


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