Mackie PPM Series Mackie PPM Series Mackie PPM Series
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PPM Series


Ultra-lightweight, immensely powerful and equipped with the tools to get the perfect sound anywhere without breaking your back. Each model features dual Mackie-designed Class-D Fast Recovery™ amplifiers which provide the kind of power required for modern speakers, 32-bit RMFX+ “Gig Ready” FX and premium Mackie mic preamps for the ultimate powered mixer. 


PPM608 Spec Sheets >> PPM608


PPM608 3qtr Left
PPM608 Rear


PPM1008 Spec Sheets >> PPM1008

PPM1008 3qtr Left
PPM1008 Rear


PPM1008 Spec Sheets >> PPM1012

PPM1012 3qtr Left
PPM1012 Top
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