Ruige TL-480HDB 4.8 inch LCD monitor ( HDMI in - out / HD-SD SDI in - out /AV in - out )
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TL-480HDB is a specially designed portable LCD monitor for professional HDV and HDSLR cameras. Its small size, multifunction and wide viewing angle make it more easy for outdoor shooting

As a standard transmission format of broadcast television digital signal, SDI had been adopted by the TV industry all over the world. No matter the filming creating, nor the post editing, all process with SDI for the HD & SD audio / video signals. Most professional HD cameras and hi-end HDV recode and transfer HD video signals by this format as well

TL-480HDB monitor adopt high-end image processing chip, professional LCD panel with 800x480 resolution, high brightness and high contrast characteristics. Also the wide viewing angle (H.160°/V.160°) could achieve multi-angle picture watching and avoid image grey reversal.
Besides having all the features of TL-480HD / TL-480HDA, our advanced models TL-480HDB / TL-480HDC also provides SDI input and output functions, which could identify HD & SD signals automatically

 It is more suitable for matching HD cameras by 16:9 display ratio, wide viewing angle, smaller volume and weight.



The transmission distance of SDI signal could be up to 100m even longer, and it is more secure and reliable by adopting Standard BNC connectors for connection. Therefore, the professional monitors must have SDI input / output functions.

All the BNC connectors what we used are from the world famous Japanese brand “GANARE” to ensure the transmission quality of SDI signal



Housing material is ABS+PC. This material obtains the strength and high temperature resistant characteristics of the metal material, and more suited to the more demanding environment.

Short-circuit protection function provides security guarantee for users personally changes on external power supply. Once the anode and cathode have wrong connection, internal protection function will start running in order to avoid hurting the monitor.

For professional LCD monitors, such as picture quality, grey scale, restore and dynamic index, which not only require advance image processing technology but also high requirement for LCD panels. Therefore, not all LCD panels can be used to manufacturing professional monitors.


The wide voltage range (DC 6V~36V) design, not only suitable for the battery voltage scope (7.2V~14.4V) of video cameras, but also available for DC 24V film shooting

Normally HDMI format used for HD video signal in consumer field for its short transmission distance (theoretical value is only 20m), meanwhile, HDMI input / output connector can not be connected with cables closely, so they’re seldom used in the broadcast TV field.

In order to avoid affecting the shooting from bad connection While use HDMI format for HD signal transmission (actually this problem happens frequently), therefore, we specially designed HDMI lock to ensure the safety of signal transmission.


High -end /Image processing system +professional lcd panel

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