Stealth Plus Dutch Roll 6m crane jib  Stealth Plus Dutch Roll 6m crane jib  Stealth Plus Dutch Roll 6m crane jib
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Stealth Plus Dutch Roll 6m crane jib List price 13,111USD
•Very responsive head with smooth movement, matching the level of famous brand in crane and remote head industry.
•Slip ring installed for pan movement allows remote head could pan unlimited.
•The HD signal can go through the slip ring, which means the remote head can output HD signal..


It has very wide applied circumstance including various concert and production and broadcasting in studio. It can also be used indoor with limited space, like shooting sermon in church. It is good for outdoor broadcasting all kinds of shows and sport event, and movie and TV series production as well.

In addition, it can be applied to shoot wedding ceremony and large enterprise meeting, and fulfill the production need of government and army.


Remote head and control system specification
1.Compatible ENG camera with either Canon or Fuji lens.
2.Max payload: 7 kg
3.Maximum Pan Speed:360。/ 5sec
4.Maximum Tilt Speed:360。/5 Sec
5.Maximum Roll Speed:360。/5 Sec
6.Height of central axis:1.64m (including dolly);1.45m (excluding dolly)
7.Rotation radius of pan & tilt head:4.34m
8.Highest point of pan & tilt head:5.6m
9.Rotation angle of pan:Unlimited
10.Rotation angle of tilt and roll : ±180。
11.Power input::Line: AC100~240V;AC adaptor: DC 12V 5A


Jib Arm specification
1.Jib Arm Reach:4.38m
2.Maximum Lens Height:4.69m
3.Minimum Lens Height:2.69m
4.Entire Arm Length:6 m/19.6 ft
5.Tilt Range:-55。 +45。
6.Pan Range: Unlimited


Compatible camera
Sony and Canon DV & HDV camera with LANC interface and all Panasonic DV and HDV camera.
ENG format camera with Canon or Fuji lens, total weight is less than 10kg


Shipment information
1.Net weight:67 kg
2.Gross weight: 75 kg
4.Total cartons: 2 cartons

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