Stealth Plus 12 m crane jib Stealth Plus 12 m crane jib Stealth Plus 12 m crane jib
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Stealth Plus 12 m crane jib List price 25,000USD

•Heavy-duty tripod and dolly guarantee high stability of whole crane system.
•Specially designed base and post make itself more stable and safer.
•Modular design and easy setup. Two men can complete the setup of whole crane within just half an hour.


This crane system could be used for drama and movie production, and shooting of big show, like concert, reality show etc. It either can be used in the big studio or shooting outdoor such as OB of large show or sport events.


Remote head and control system specification
1.Compatible ENG camera with either Canon or Fuji lens.
2.Max payload:20 kg
3.Maximum Pan Speed:360。/ 5sec
4.Maximum Tilt Speed:360。/5 Sec
5.Maximum Roll Speed:360。/5 Sec
6.Height of central axis:1.61m (including dolly);
7.Rotation radius of pan & tilt head:10.5m
8.Highest point of pan & tilt head:7.61m
9.Rotation angle of pan:Unlimited
10.Rotation angle of tilt and roll : ±180。
11.Power input:Line: AC95~265V;AC adaptor: DC 12-17V
12.Power output: pan/tilt :13.5V 5A Control box:13.8V,8A


Jib Arm specification
1.Jib Arm Reach:10m
2.Maximum Lens Height:8.3m
3.Minimum Lens Height:6.9m
4.Entire Arm Length:12m
5.Tilt Range:-55。 +45。
6.Pan Range: Unlimited


Compatible camera
ENG format camera with Canon or Fuji lens


Shipment information
1.Net weight:185 kg
2.Gross weight:275 kg
4.Total cartons: 5 cartons

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