Schneider MPTV 4 x 5.65 LIN TRUE-POL®
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Schneider offers a circular True-Pol Polarizing filter for cameras which use polarizing elements in the beam-splitters of the viewing system, such as ARRI 435 and the Movie-Cam Compact. This filter may also be required on certain high definition video cameras with complex optical blocks such as the Sony PMW-EX1, PMW-EX3, and PDW-700 which polarize the red an blue channels more than other cameras and therefore require a circular polarizer to prevent cross polarization and associated color shift in the image.

Beam splitters send light in two directions: to an eye-piece and to a video tap. Light in a camera’s viewing system can become polarized, and when a standard (linear) polarizing filter is attached to the lens, the light becomes cross polarized. This hinders visibility and may create total black-out of the viewing image and/or the video tap.

Schneider Circular Polarizers feature a two layer design to prevent this blackout. The first layer is made up of the same polarizing material used in all True-Pol filters; the second layer is a 1/4- wave retarder plate which effectively prevents cross-polarization.


Circular True-Pol Sample 1

Effect of Circular True-Pol Filter
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Circular True-Pol Sample 2

Effect of Circular True-Pol Filter
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