Schneider MPTV 4 x 4 LIN TRUE-POL
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21 มีนาคม 2559

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This is by far the most effective polarizer for motion picture and television cameras. Having an extinction ratio of ER 374, the Schneider True-Pol is 12- times more effective than other polarizing filters, and is unmatched in its ability to:

  • Reduce glare and unwanted reflections
  • Saturate colors
  • Deepen blue skies
  • Improve contrast
  • Penetrate haze

True-Pol Polarizing filters enable you to achieve a level of optical performance previously unavailable to cinematographers.

The Schneider Optics True-Pol is ideal for cameras such as the RED camera and other 4K cameras.


True-Pol Sample 1

Effect of True-Pol Filter
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True-Pol Sample 2

Effect of True-Pol Filter
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