KV-CV360 (CVBS(AV) to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter) KV-CV360 (CVBS(AV) to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter) KV-CV360 (CVBS(AV) to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter) KV-CV360 (CVBS(AV) to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter) KV-CV360 (CVBS(AV) to SD/HD/3G-SDI Converter)
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CVBS(AV) to SDI converter KV-CV360 that applied in broadcasting and TV fields represent technology, quality and performance.
KILOVIEW® KV-CV360 CVBS to SD/HD/3G-SDI broadcast grade converter is a special converter which can transform CVBS (AV) to HD-SDI signal. KV-CV360 supports PAL (576i)/NTSC (480i) CVBS signal input and can transform video and audio to SD/HD/3G SDI specified format under the option that users are configurable.

CVBS(AV) to sdi converter


CVBS(AV) to SDI converter KV-CV360 excellence compatibility, best image quality and supporting wide signal formats.
KV-CV360 supports many image enhancement and handling technology such as color conditioning, 3D denoise, interlacing/progressive video conversion, video amplification/scale, frame rate convert to guarantee image conversion meet professional quality standards.

KV-CV360 integrates with enhanced SDI circuit deriver, under Belden 1694A and same cable quality conditions, ensuring SD SDI transmission distance 400 meters, HD-SDI transmission distance 200 meters and 3G SDI transmission distance 100 meters. KV-CV360 also supports 2 channels output simultaneously.

CVBS(AV) to sdi converter


KV-CV360 supports HDMI audio separating or analog audio input (alternative), and embeds audio to SDI signal; supporting remote-control operation, supporting USB connecting to PC for higher setup or firmware upgrading. KV-VC360 is equipped with free PC port management control software.

KV-CV360 is widely applied in many fields such as broadcasting and TV program editing, HD video information release, HD video remote transmission, video conference, multimedia advertisement and video security monitoring and so on.

CVBS(AV) to SDI converter KV-CV360 features

●Support input CVBS format:480i(NTSC),576i(PAL);
●SDI output SD, HD, 3G standard;
●2 channels SDI signal output ( redundant output);
●Inputoutput format can be arbitrarily scaling and frame conversion, supporting various image ratio mode like ratio maintaining, stretching and cutting;
●Support Interlace Progressive interconversion;
●Support analog audio input;
●With remote control operation and menu on screen;
●Support OSD input/output signal format;
●Support lock the last screen when signal loss, lock and time-delay is adjustable, option blue/black screen warning when signal loss;
●Option semaphore: stripped, gridding, white screen, blue screen, gray gradual change etc. is convenient to adjust by monitor;  
●With supply power and SDI signal format indicator;
●Anti-static, anti-surge and lightning protection.



Model No. KV-CV360
Input interface 1×CBVS
Support input format 480i,576i
Output interface 2×SD/HD/3G-SDI
Output signal type SD-SDI(270Mbps), HD-SDI(1.485Gbps), 3G-SDI(2.97Gbps)
Output format (setup by DIP switch) 525i@ 59.94;625i@ 50;720p@ 25/30/50/59.94/60;1080i @ 50/59.94/60;1080p @ 25/30/50/59.94/60
SDI signal amplitude 0.8Vp-p
SDI impedance 75 Ohm
SDI coupling  AC
SDI signal jitter(typical) SD-SDI≤0.1UI HD-SDI≤0.2UI 3G-SDI≤0.4 UI
Maximum output coax length Belden 1694A:  SD-SDI 400m,HD-SDI 200m,3G-SDI 140m
Notice:the test result will be different due to the above transmission distance is depend on different coax
Dimensions(cm) 10*12*3.5 cm
Net weight 0.35 kg
Gross weight 0.65 kg
Operation temperature -10°C ~ 60°C / 14°F ~ 140°F
Storage temperature -30°C ~ 70°C / -22°F ~158°F
Relative humidity 20~90% RH (Non-condensation)
Power supply 5~24VDC
Engine by