GEPCO MP1201 Microphone Cable: Quad Star 1000ft
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15 มกราคม 2559

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Microphone Cable: Quad Star



Industry-proven, quad-star design and tight-angle, full-coverage braid shield for maximum low-frequency EMI noise rejection. Four conductors form a "double balanced" system that minimizes the loop area and reduces noise induction from external sources such as AC lines and dimmer packs. As a result, this series is ideal for applications where high EMI is present, or where a redundant pin to pin connection is desired for improved flex-life.


  • Improved Noise & Hum Rejection
  • Extra-flexible
  • Increased Flex-life
  • Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Full Copper Braid Shield
  • Drain Wire for Quick Shield Terminatioin (MP1201 only)
  • Matte PVC Flexible Master Jacket


  • Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
  • Portable Microphone Cables
  • Ideal for Use in High EMI Environments
  • Longframe or Bantam Patchcords
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