GEPCO M1042 Microphone Cable: Heavy Duty 1000ft
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15 มกราคม 2559

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Microphone Cable: Heavy Duty

Extra-tough jacket and oversized heavy-duty construction for exceptional ruggedness and durability. A tightangle, full-coverage braid, thick insulation wall, and large twenty gage conductors give the M1042 improved flex-life, while providing excellent noise rejection and low attenuation. Mutual capacitance is lower than typical microphone cable to reduce the high frequency roll-off that occurs in long runs of mic level signals. Ideal for sound reinforcement and remote production in hostile environments.


  • Durable & Rugged
  • Extra-low Attenuation
  • Flexible
  • Heavy Gage Conductors
  • Polyethylene Dielectric
  • Full Copper Braid Shield
  • Drain Wire for Quick Shield Termination
  • All-weather TPE Master Jacket


  • Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
  • Portable Microphone Cables
  • Hostile Environments
  • Ideal for Extended Distance Runs
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