GEPCO XB401 Single-pair: X-Band 1000ft
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15 มกราคม 2559

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Single-pair: X-Band

The X-Band series is an ultra-flexible, sonically transparent, low-noise, and durable balanced audio cable for use in critical recording studio facilities or live sound venues. X-Band single-pair is both extremely flexible and flaccid, yet maintains a high degree of durability. Each oxygen-free copper conductor is insulated with a unique low k constant, foam polypropylene dielectric that lowers the capacitance and extends the bandwidth of the cable. Low noise is achieved through tight and precision pair twisting with a durable 95% braid shield. In addition, X-Band also remains easy to prep and terminate. The insulation and jacket are both easy to score, break, and strip; the tight weave braided shield is easy to trim and terminate via the drain wire.


  • Ultra-flexible
  • Oxygen-free, Finely Stranded Conductors
  • High Bandwidth Dielectric
  • Braid Shield with Drain Wire
  • Superior Noise Rejection
  • Easy to Terminate


  • Microphone or Line Level Balanced Analog Audio
  • Studio Interconnect, Rack or Patchbay Wiring
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