GEPCO VDM260 Ultra-miniature HDTV Coax 1000ft
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15 มกราคม 2559

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Ultra-miniature HDTV Coax


The new VDM260 was designed to achieve exceptionally low weight and size, without sacrificing the critical electrical and mechanical properties that are required for reliable transmission in broadcast applications. The VDM260 features a 26 gage solid conductor that provides lower attenuation and superior mechanical integrity compared to other subminiature designs that utilize smaller, more fragile gage types. In addition, VDM260 has a broadband foil and braid shield that offers better RF/EMI protection and greater structural integrity than serve type shields. For the insulating dielectric, VDM260 utilizes gas-injected PE which provides exceptionally low attenuation and a 3GHz bandwidth for 1.485 Gb/s HD video transmission.


  • Ultra-thin Profile
  • Low Weight
  • More Durable Than Other Subminiature Types
  • 4.5GHz Bandwidth for HDTV
  • Double Shield (Foil & Braid)
  • Precision 75Ω Impedance
  • Gas-injected Dielectric
  • Easy to Terminate


  • 1.485Gb/s HD Digital Video
  • SDI Digital Video
  • Analog Video
  • Digital Audio
  • Ideal for Mobile Production Trucks
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