GEPCO VDM230 Miniature HDTV/SDI Coax 1000ft
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15 มกราคม 2559

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Miniature HDTV/SDI Coax

The Gepco® Brand miniature coax series features exceptionally low attenuation for its type while maintaining a reduced size and weight. All utilize a pure-copper center conductor, low-loss foam dielectric and broadband foil and braid shielding. VDM230 features the same gasinjected dielectric found in the HD coax series making it ideal for standard-definition digital video, AES3id digital audio or highdefinition digital video interconnect within mobile production trucks. VDM250 and VDM250D are recommended for short distance, low bit-rate digital, analog video, or SVHS applications. The VDM230TS is recommended for plenum installation.


  • Thin Profile
  • Low Attenuation & Return Loss
  • Precision 75Ω Impedance
  • 4.5GHz Bandwidth for HDTV (VDM230 & VDM230TS)
  • High Velocity of Propagation
  • Stranded or Solid Conductor
  • Gas-Injected Foam Dielectric
  • Full Copper Braid & Foil Shield
  • 100% Sweep Tested
  • Low Weight


  • High Definition Serial Digital Video (VDM230)
  • Standard Definition Serial Digital Video
  • Digital Audio (AES3id or SPDIF)
  • High Resolution Analog Video
  • Ideal for Remote Broadcast Interconnect
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