Jimmy Jib
หมวดหมู่สินค้า: * Large Crane
รหัส : 000843

15 มกราคม 2559

ผู้ชม 1180 ผู้ชม



1.Uses triangular aluminum tubing for superior strength & rigidity, easy to install and transport.
2.Works with any film & video cameras
3.Each model can be upgraded to a longer (Or Shorter) Length Model
4.AC or DC Operation, Battery Pack w/ Internal Charger
5.Variable Speed Joystick, Pan Arm Controller & Crank Wheel Are Available As Options,900 Degrees Of Rotation
6.Be able to match with Z axis 120 degrees and 360 degrees electromotion swinging head.

Models of jimmy jib:

model total length front arm heigth loading back balancer
standard 3 system 3 1.8 3.9 27.2KG 60KG
giant 3 system 5 3.6 5.7 22.6KG 50KG
super 3 system 7.6 5.4 7.6 22.6KG 100KG
super plus 3 system 9.3 7.3 9.1 22.6KG 180KG
extreme 3 system 12 9.1 10.6 22.6KG 170KG
extreme plus 4 system 14.8 12.2 14.1 22.6KG 240KG

Standard Configuration:

Jib Arm, Remote Head, Battery Pack with Charger and Transformer, Tripod,
3/4-Wheel Dolly Frame and Off Road Wheel Kit for Canon video lens operation.



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