Flames FC - PRO1 10 meter electric control camera crane PROFESSIONAL- type
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15 มกราคม 2559

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FLAMES 10 meter electric control camera crane PROFESSIONAL-type

1. Studio
2. Large-scale recreational and sports activitiesshooting
3. MTV productionshooting
4. Film & television play location shooting
5. Weddings and other happy times shooting


1. The arm body with triangular cross section dedicated pipe, the unique design of the reinforcing rib,not only increase the arm tube bearing and motion stability and also take into account the arm pipe is connected with positioning problem.
2. New console design both in the control performance and noise control have very big breakthrough.
3. Elevated base design increases the rocker arm body height, and improve the operation safety.
4. Parts processing all from CNC equipment, ensure the accuracy of processing and rocker performance of the play.


Crane part Total length 9.9 meters
Head bearing 10 kilograms
Angle of rotation The horizontal and vertical 720 degrees
Material quality High strength aluminum alloy
Color Matt black
Surface treatment Electrostatic powder spraying process
Array length 9.9 meters, 7.5 meters, 5.1 meters
Unit length 1.2 meters / part
Cranedeadweight 120 kilograms
Packing way ABS professional air box x 3
( 135 x 56 x 44, 135 x 61 x 32, 135 x 61 x 25 unit: cm )
Electric Control system Professional camera control handle (which can
control part control most of Fuji and Canon lens professional
  ENG camera and Sony, Panasonic, Canon, with
  LANC, ACC, REMOTE terminal interface of the camera )
  Focus, aperture servo mechanism
  Tilt control lever
  Speed Stepless speed regulation
  control mode A minimum of 4 minutes / turn to maximum 6 rpm
  Working voltage DC 12 V
  Power AC&DC
  supply mode
  Battery ≥3H
  operating time


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