Flames FC - 200 3 meter electric control camera crane HDV- type with track set
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15 มกราคม 2559

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FLAMES 3.0 meter electric control camera crane HDV-type + track set

1. Studio
2. Large-scale recreational and sports activitiesshooting
3. MTV productionshooting
4. Film & television play location shooting
5. Weddings and other happy times shooting


1. Use octagonal pipe to design, ensure it more elegant appearance. Apply to all machine types which weight is less than 10 kg.
2. Reset the positions of main beam and balance beam, so that the carrying capability is more reasonable and the working is more stable.
3. Characteristic double bulbs design can achieve really compatible (75m,100mm and 3/8’’ screw mouth).
4. Characteristic folding design can fold the fore head into the inside arm, shorten the carry length,which makes it can be put into your car trunk conveniently.
5. The perfect proffessional packing makes it carried easily and safe.
6. It can effect the camera to do all kinds of complicated shooting actionby shaking rotationg and zooming .
7. The equiped standard interface can takes less than 10 minutes to finish the installation with the jib arm body to update the function.
8. The surface all adopt the anode processing, which make it operated smoothly and without vibration.
9. No tools installation. The install time is lessthan 5 minutes,which really savingtime and labour and convenience.
10. More effects can be achived when working together with track .


Crane part Total length 3.0meters
Fore arm length 2.0meters
Back arm length 1.0meter (stretch out and draw back)
Head bearing 10KG
Angle of rotation The horizontal and vertical 720 degrees
Material quality high power aluminium alloy
Color Matt black
Surface treatment Electrostatic powder spraying process,
part component are anodization
Damping Both way adjustable
Carry way Professional black knapsack
Carry weight 15KG
Carry length 1.8 meter
Electric , ,  Stepless speed regulation
control part Speed A minimum of 4 minutes / turn to maximum 6 rpm
  control mode  
  Control system DV camera control handle ,which can Apply
  to Sony(except EX-series), Panasonic, Canon, With
  LANC, ACC, REMOTE terminal interface of the camera
    Focus & aperture Control available
  (for some models of Sony camera)
    panhead control lever
  Working voltage DC 12 V
  Power AC&DC
  supply mode
  Battery ≥3H
  operating time
  Total length 6.0meters
  Unit length 1.2 meters/ section
  Carry length 1.3 meter
  Carry weight 20KG
  BearingWeight 60KG
  Material quality High strength aluminum alloy
Track part Color Silver
  Surfacetreatment Anodic treatment
  Carry way Professional black bag


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