Flames FC - 200 3 meter hand control camera crane
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15 มกราคม 2559

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FLAMES 3.0 meter hand control camera crane, mini camera crane

Jib Arm only 25000.-

Jib Arm Crane set 52000.-

1. Studio
2. Large-scale recreational and sports activitiesshooting
3. MTV productionshooting
4. Film & television play location shooting
5. Weddings and other happy times shooting


1. Enhanced anise pipe design, fully considered the factors of winds such as pendulum. Arm tube diameter and material are considered more safety coefficient in the design, to eliminate the roll of shaking phenomenon.
2. Each parts are optimized design, fully considered safety and durability.
3. Parts processing all from CNC equipment, which ensure the accuracy of processing and rocker performance of the play.
4. The reasonable positionredeployment of the main arm and the balance arm make the cranemore smoothly while running
5. Unique double tablesdesign, accomplish truly comprehensive compatible (75 mm 100 mm and 3/8 screw)
6. Unique folding removedesign, the forearm bedplate can be folded intoarm body , which shorten carry length
7. No tools installation.The install time is lessthan 5 minutes,which really savingtime and labour and convenience.




Crane part Total length 3.0meters
Forearmlength 2.0meters
Back arm length 1.0meter (stretch out and draw back)
Head bearing 10kilograms
Material quality High strength aluminum alloy
Color Matt black
Surface treatment Electrostatic powder spraying process,
part component are anodization
Damping Both way adjustable
Tripod bowl use 75mm、100mm and 3/8’’ screw mouth
Packing way Professional blackbag
Carry way Professional blackbag
Carry length 1.8 meters
Carry weight 15KG


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