CobraCrane BackPacker UltraLite X
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BackPacker UltraLite X


BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can do all the functions of the other, larger CobraCranes in a smaller, more confined area creating dramatic, cinematic shots in confined areas. BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can handle a wide variety of applications such as product commercials, weddings, events, nature, adventure, sports and creative filmmaking.

Real Estate professionals can easy use a BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib to shoot spectacular videos inside their listed homes. Tour operators can use BackPackers to capture special customer moments to enhanced marketing opportunities. Photographers will find thousands of uses and interesting new ways to shoot material, otherwise out of reach.

Videos or Stills

Whether you're shooting stills or videos, the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib will raise your expectations as well as your capabilities. Your customers will be astonished at your new capabilities. New job opportunities will come your way and the bar will be raised, helping you provide shots your customers simply cannot get elsewhere.

It’s Small in Size, but Large in Performance

The BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can lift your camera from ground level to up to 11 feet above the ground (on a 5 foot tripod). It has smooth cable controls for dynamic tilting or static tilting, meaning it can follow the talent as you boom, or be completely free as well as anything in between. Combine that with up 180 degree booming and 360 degree swinging, and you’ve got the tool the professionals use, so you can create the cinematic moves you see in big name productions.

It can be configured as a 2.4 meter crane, which can reach over 3.35 meters with a 150 cm tripod, or it can be configured as a 1.52 meter crane with a reach of 91 cm. So indoors or out your BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can make a significant difference. You can even adjust the weight bar, so you can operate in smaller, confined areas.

 By utilizing your existing tripod head, the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib provides complete tilting of the camera at the end of the crane, so you can tilt forward up to 90 degrees and tilt back up to 60 degrees. These numbers are factors based on your tripod’s head. When used with your existing fluid or friction head, you will benefit greatly from the dampening and drag features on every shot.

Works in Confined Areas

Obviously the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can Boom, Swing and Tilt. But it can also do it in small places. You can use one in a house to shoot a home video, or shoot a video of the home. You can set it up in a cave or a small shack and shoot nature and the outdoors. Set one up behind the bench at a high school ball game. Set one up in an operating room and shoot straight done from above. Shoot from a variety of locations for extreme sports and use the swing and tilt capability of the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib to get the most dramatic extreme footage. The versatility of the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib makes it a great tool for so many different types of shots.

Outdoor Shots

Outdoor shooters who spend a lot of time and energy hiking in and hiking out will really appreciate the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jibs small size and super light weight, when it comes to getting to and from the shoot. Their customers will truly appreciate the efforts when they view the incredible effects the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib adds to your every shot.

Inside the Studio, school, church and operating room

Since the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can work in confined areas they are shooting surgery in the operating room, shooting dancing close to the dancers. They are at the theater, at the arena, in the schools, in the gyms, at the wedding hall, in the church, and in the photo studios down the street.

Get any angle

The BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib can shoot products, shoot training material, process control, marketing collateral and hundreds of other applications. Shooting straight down from above allows students to watch an instructor work on a project, or a class watching a surgery being performed. Shooting from below can offer amazing angles and shots that are real hard to get to, but with the BackPacker UltraLite X camera jib you can easily position your camera low and shoot it up. Since the BackPacker UltraLite X can shoot far above the crowd, you get the action, while your competitors get the bald spot of the camera operator in front of him.

Take your work to the next level

So take your work to the next level and treat your customers to what they deserve with BackPacker UltraLite X  from SteadyTracker.


Compact size Telescopes down to only 42" for easy transport.
Easy to transport Easy to use in confined area.
Lightweight Made of Lightweight Aluminum.
Sets up quickly You are ready to get the shot and don’t have to waste time assembling your gear.
Powdercoat finish Resists scratches, eliminates reflections.
Multi function Boom, Swing, variety of tilting capabilities.
Expandable Included 3 foot extension kit gets higher reach.
Versatile mount Works on a very wide range of tripods.
Smooth, Fluid Movement Benefits from tripods with fluid heads.

Accessories to Enhance your Work

The BackPacker UltraLite X work with a variety of accessories making your work easier at every step. Our Tracking Dolly takes your capabilities to the next level by providing super smooth slides and dolly moves. The dolly comes with five meters of pre-cut track and can be easily setup in less than a minute. Monitors, camera controllers, Weight bags and a variety of additional accessories are available to help make your work easier.


Specs: BackPacker UltraLite X
Length 243 cm / 8 feet
Length from pivot to camera 182 cm / 6 feet
Construction Aluminum
Payload Capacity 2.5kg / 5.5 lbs
Counterbalance System Barbell weights or Optional Weight bag (Not Included)
Height 333 cm / 11 feet
Boom Range From 91cm / 182 cm above to ground level
Tilt Lock Locks with existing fluid head tilt lock
Tilt Drag Drags with existing fluid head tilt drag
Tilt Range Up to 90 degrees forward, 60 degrees back
Swing Lock Locks with existing fluid head pan lock
Swing Drag Drags with existing fluid head pan drag
Swing Range 360°
Tripod Attachment Uses existing release plate
Tripod Types Works with any medium to heavy duty video tripod
Head Attachment 1/4-20 Camera Attachment (included)
Fold Down 1.1 mtrs and .9 mtrs.
Weight 2.9 kilos / 6.3 lbs. / 3.4 kilos / 7.5 lbs w/extention
Recommended Tripod 9 kilo capacity and up
Aprox. Counterweight 3.5 * / 4.5 * your camera weight / w/extension


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