FOTGA DP3000 PRO Swing-away Matte Box M3
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11 มกราคม 2559

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High Quality!New Brand!!!
Made by high quality flash module, 100% brand new.

This FOTGA DP3000 Matte box (M3) is a professional device universally designed to accommodate all DSLR's and camcorders and it compatible with any industry standard 15mm rail system.

The matte box gives provides the user full lighting control and prevents glare and lens flare with both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio format masks. It features precision engineered Swing-Away mechanism for quick lens changes and allows height adjustable. It also provides a means of using filters and one of the 180 degrees rotating filter trays and much more!

It is specially designed for most DV cameras with wide angle lenses. With competitive price, this matte box will be your optimal selection. It will greatly facilitate your digital life.

  • Universal design for all camcorders and DSLRs & Industry standard 15mm supporting rods, center-to-center rails distance 60mm.
  • Material: Made of Metal and Plastic
Package Including:
  • 1x FOTGA DP3000 Matte box (M3)
  • 2x Aspect ratio format masks 4:3
  • 2x Aspect ratio format masks 16:9
  • 2x Filter Trays
  • 2x 15mm rods
  • 4x Donuts ( size at 103mm,76mm,64mm,51mm)
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