Fotga DP500 DSLR Follow Focus +Baseplate +Shoulder +Handle 15mm Rail Rod Rig Kit
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รหัส : 000016
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11 มกราคม 2559

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High Quality!New Brand!!!


Made by high quality flash module, 100% brand new.

Fotga DP500 System series is especially desinged for dslr/dv/hdv users by providing maximum flexibility while outdoor and indoor shootings.It is portable.Easy taking and very helpful on photographing.
This kit is composed of follow focus,15mm rail rod,handle bracket,hand grip support,shoulder support

Package Included:

  • Follow focus x1
  • matching gear belt x1 (adjustable from 46mm-110mm)
  • DP500 holder-formed Standard set main body x 1
  • 10" (250mm) main rail rod x 4
  • Slide block for attacking two railrod x 2
  • Lens Support x 1
  • Tripod plate to mount rail rod on tripod x 1
  • Mounting block for attaching camera plate and tripod plate x 1
  • Tightening screws x 6
  • 1/4"screw x 1
  • Screw for fixing camera x 1
  • Black screw for attaching camera plate and mountingblock x 2
  • Wrench for installing screws x 1
  • DP500 Handle grip rod x1
  • DP500 shoulder support mount x1
  • Handle bracket x 1
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