RJ Speed Booster EF lens to M4/3
หมวดหมู่สินค้า: * Lense Adaptor
รหัส : 001069
ราคา 5,500.00 บาท


08 มกราคม 2559

ผู้ชม 2433 ผู้ชม

new optics design Focal reducer/Speed booster adapter for / Canon EF lenses to m4/3 (mft) mount cameras

All metal structure, with excellent opticals (4 elements/2 groups)

Note: Canon EF-S lenses do not fit ! (it 's for the full-frame EF lenses only)

what it does:

  • reduce the focal length (by 0.72x wider) 
  • effectively increases the maximum aperture of the lens by 1 stop  (in other words, under the same aperture, you can use faster shutter speed (by 1 stop).

what it does not:

  • there is no electronic integration, no auto fucusing
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