6pcs 4 X4 Neutral Density Full + Gradual ND2 ND4 ND8 filter Kit for Matte box
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Made by high quality flash module, 100% brand new.

A mattebox really makes it easy to transition between different lenses when your camera is sitting on the rig. Assuming that each lens has a different lens cap diameter - you would have to have ND filters or other filters to fit each lens. But if you use a mattebox you can just simply pull out the mattebox filter holder and pop in this 4" x 4" filter for all size lens. It would save time for you and will be much convenient for your shooting.


  • Ideal for reducing the amount of light in large aperture situations when a narrow depth is field is needed.
  • Allows for slower shutter speeds when blurring or showing of movement is desired.
  • Allows balancing of exposure to highlight a key subject.
  • Neutral Density filter evenly reduce the amount of light passing through the lens without effecting color.
  • Lets you use higher speed films in bright light.
  • Size:   4" x 4" (101mm x 101mm)

Package Included:

  • 1pc of 4"x4" Gradual ND2 filter
  • 1pc of 4"x4" Gradual ND4 filter
  • 1pc of 4"x4" Gradual ND8 filter
  • 1pc of 4"x4" Full ND2 filter
  • 1pc of 4"x4" Full ND4 filter
  • 1pc of 4"x4" Full ND8 filter
  • 1pc of filter case
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