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The SARAMONIC SR-AX101 is a 2-channel XLR audio adapter ideal for any compact camcorder with a built-in microphone jack.

It enables you to acquire professional audio from XLR outputs into a camcorder that has a 3.5mm (1/8") audio input.

Wide-variety of audio devices like balanced XLR microphones, wireless microphones, external audio mixers, preamplifiers and more can be connected to the camera via this adapter.

The passive operation provides you superb sound quality with an extremely wide dynamic range, and no batteries or power source is needed.


One 1/8" (3.5 mm) Auxiliary Mini-Jack Input
Two balanced XLR inputs


One stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) Mini-Jack Output

Dual Trim Control Knobs:

Adjust the signal of each channel to the optimum recording level

Mono /Stereo Switch:

Select mono or stereo output mode

LINE / MIC Switches:

Select LINE or MIC levels

GND1/G ground switch:

Eliminate ground hum and noise for getting the best sound

Plastic Chassis With a Tripod Socket

Passive Circuit Make It Noise Free

No Powe or Battery is Needed

Easy to Set Up and Use

Input Level

MIC:-35 dBu LINE:-10 - +4 dBu

Output Level

General Mic Levels

Frequency Response

10Hz to 100kHz (+/-1.5 dB)


87 (L) x 80(W) x 52(H) mm


191g (6.7oz.)


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