Tangent Element Control Surface
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With today’s multi-purposing work stations, where desk space is at a premium, having a fully featured panel that is compact, fully featured and stylish enough to match its surroundings is a must. But, you’d expect that having a compact design means having to compromise ergonomics, features and control size. With the Element range, there is no compromise!

Despite their small desk foot print, each Element offers full size controls which are ergonomically laid out, and best of all, there’s lots of them!

4 panels in set:

  • element-Tk: Trackerball

  • element-Mf: Multifunction

  • element-Kb: Knob

  • element-Bt: Button

Modular design:

  • User can pick and choose the panels they want.

  • Expand set as required.

  • Layout configurable to suit handedness, desk space and other

  •  equipment.

  • More than one of each panel type may be added to layout.

Ultra-slim all metal construction.

Small desk footprint:

  • Only 20cm (7.9”) deep

A set of 4 panels has a footprint of 77cm x 20cm (30.3” x 7.9”).

Low profile: (all panels)

  • 1.5cm (0.6”) front height. 4.5cm (1.8”) rear height, 8.0cm (3.1”) including display

Every programmable control labelled:

  • Soft label on high contrast, high resolution, OLED display.

  • Provides value / feedback where appropriate.


All new trackerball design:

  • High resolution.

  • Long life.

  • Optical laser pickup.

  • Third axis “ring” with smooth bearing.

  • 4.6cm diameter ball, retaining ring for ball.

  • Ball can be removed for cleaning.

All new knob design:

  • High resolution.

  • Long life.

  • Optical pickup.

  • Built in “press to reset”.

USB for communication and power:

  • USB plug-and play (HID device therefore no drivers required).

  • USB powered (no need for external power supply).

  • Single USB cable to each panel.

A set of 4 panels provides the following controls:

  • 24 x programmable buttons.

  • 12 x programmable knobs.

  • 4 x programmable trackerballs.

  • Standard transport controls.

  • 8 x additional buttons for SHIFT / ALT etc.

Panels magnetically lock together.

Full-size tactile buttons.

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