SKAARHOJ C250 Touch Controller
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No buttons. Just feel. The C250 switches the inputs to Preview or Program by a single touch on the multiviewer. The T-bar takes care of any transitions you fancy. The rest? As with any SKAARHOJ product the point is customization and focus. Your laptop will do well in setting all the details, let your hardware interface service your runtime operation with a no-nonsense feature set. Meet the C250. The C250 also has a form factor close to the famous Roland V4 vision mixer preferred by many VJs over time. Combined with an ATEM TeleVision Studio, the C250 might be just that interface that can ease your transition to HD VJ’ing.


  • 8 inch touch screen
  • HDMI input up to 1080p
  • Slider for transitions (“T-bar” option available)
  • Complete with Arduino Ethernet inside
  • Bolt-eye for stripping power cable
  • Stylish and durable blue
  • anodized aluminum enclosure
  • VESA
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