SKAARHOJ C201 Desktop Controller
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The C201 is essentially a C101 with the display and menu option added in the basic model and packaged in a desktop design, ready for traditional central even operation. It’s a beautiful package in anodized solid aluminum that can take a beating. The operation is laid out traditionally with a program and preview bus in addition to Cut, Auto, DSK1/2 and user buttons - or however you like it. Buttons can be re-programmed to any functionality you like. As an option you can get a real T-bar, a row of extra buttons and the cool SmartSwitches so you visually can see the buttons functionality!


  • 24 red/green backlit broadcast quality buttons
  • 8 buttons custom buttons (Optional: See “Extra buttons” variant)
  • 2 SmartSwitches with 64x32 graphical displays (Optional: See “SmartSwitches” variant)
  • Transparent button caps for custom labels
  • Slider for transitions (“T-bar” option available)
  • 2x16 chars backlit display (white on black) with 2 rotary menu controls
  • All buttons fully programmable
  • Web configuration interface for IP settings
  • Complete with Arduino Mega inside
  • Bolt-eye for stripping power cable
  • Stylish and durable blue anodized aluminum enclosure
  • VESA 75 mount and 1/4"-20 thread under bottom: Fits camera mounting plates
  • 100% Creative Commons design (CC-by-sa)


Get the mythical T-bar! For an extra 200$ approximately we give you the cockpit feeling with a quality hall-effect type T-bar for creating that smooth transition between two buses.

Extra buttons

Get 8 additional buttons to fulfill your specific production workflow. Great for choosing AUX output, or maybe to fade-in those lower-thirds from your media-pool.


2 buttons with a 64x32 pixel display which can show any user defined bitmap graphic or a number of text lines. The buttons can be backlit with 64 different RGB colors. This option is very attractive for highly context sensitive user buttons because the precise functionality of the button can be reflected on the display at any time.

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