SKAARHOJ C101 Rack Controller
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The C101 is the successor of the C100 1U controller featuring the same basic feature set of buttons, slider and a display and menu system. However, the C101 has taken a great leap forward in that it features a full solid aluminum enclosure regardless of model. In addition it is now much more modular with a large range of options such as a real T-bar, a display and menu system, a SmartSwitch array and some variations to the enclosure type. More options are likely to come since the modular internal structure lends itself easily to customizations. And that's our business anyway; to create highly customized broadcast control interfaces. The "C101" is probably the only 1U rack control you can find for the ATEM Switchers from Blackmagic Design. Well, it's actually a general purpose button control panel with a slider and other options along with software libraries that will put you in charge of much more (such as a Videohub or presets of a robotic camera if you fancy). But it really shines as an ATEM controller. Switch video with it. Configure settings on your laptop.


  • 13 red/green backlit broadcast quality buttons on two BI8 boards
  • Transparent button caps for custom labels
  • Slider for transitions (“T-bar” option available)
  • 2x16 chars backlit display (white on black) with 2 rotary menu controls (Optional: See “Display and menu” variant)
  • 4 SmartSwitches with 64x32 graphical displays (Optional: See “SmartSwitches” variant)
  • All buttons fully programmable
  • Web configuration interface for IP settings
  • Complete with Arduino Mega inside
  • Bolt-eye for stripping power cable
  • Stylish and durable blue anodized aluminum enclosure
  • VESA 75 mount and 1/4"-20 thread under bottom: Fits camera mounting plates
  • 1U size
  • 100% Creative Commons design (CC-by-sa)
  • C101 inherits the features known from C100

Display and Menu

With the display you not only get more information about the connection status of your C101, you also get to customize the functionality of the user buttons in addition to exercising other options programmed into the firmware, for instance changing AUX outputs, transition times, media bank content etc.&nb


Get the mythical T-bar in your C101! For an extra 200$ or so we give you the cockpit feeling with a quality hall-effect type T-bar.


4 buttons with a 64x32 pixel display which can show any user defined bitmap graphic or a number of text lines. The buttons can be backlit with 64 different RGB colors. This option is very attractive for highly context sensitive user buttons because the precise functionality of the button can be reflected on the display at any time.

Desktop Enclosure

You can have your C101 without “rack-ears”. If this sounds attractive, add this option.

Shallow Back Enclosure

You can have your C101 with a very shallow back, only around 40mm. This is for mounting in racks with not significant space behind (such as in a lid). With this option the Arduino Mega controller is delivered in a separate plastic enclosure connected to the C101 with a flatcable of a length specified by the customer.

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