SKAARHOJ C90A Rack Controller
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24 มิถุนายน 2559

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Use the C90A to gain complete control of your ATEM switcher. With this all-included controller audio and video operation is within a single reach. For video the controller provides basic button array for bus input selection and user buttons programmed specific for your needs.


  • 13 red/green backlit broadcast quality buttons on two BI8 boards
  • Transparent button caps for custom labels
  • SKAARHOJ Blue Front (Custom frontplate option available)
  • All buttons fully programmable
  • 6 audio knob input controls
  • Master volume control
  • "On" button for each input channel
  • AFV button for each video-input channel
  • Peak indicator for each input channel
  • Channel monitoring via the VU Meter Channel button
  • VU meter
  • 2 audio user buttons
  • Web configuration interface for IP settings
  • Complete with Arduino Mega inside
  • Ethernet, power and USB on the back
  • Solid enclosure in aluminium
  • 1U size
  • 100% Creative Commons design (CC-by-sa)
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