BYTC 5000P For TV broadcast Studio (Self-Stand style)
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Product Description

As a specialist corporate video production company based in Shenzhen, China, to enhance the quality of your production the use of a TelePrompter will greatly enhance the speakers ability to talk cohesively for their piece to camera. In the long run any large verbal piece to camera will be more effective with an autocue, less filming time and less editing time and more importantly the ability to confidently talk to camera without the frustration of trying to learn a speech or script. If using actors then the use of an autocue is imperative.


1. Light refraction preventing

2. Brightness is 2-3 times to the common teleprompter up to 1800nits, the top point.

3. Daylight readable

4. Super thin film glass greatly 2mm improves optical transimitity to 80%.

1. Mirror

2. Mirror holder and cover package

3. Easy-stand

4. LCD Monitor

5. LCD bracket

6. Fixing Screws

7. VGA cable*2PCS

8. Power adapter &? Cable

9. Mouse & Cable

10. Controller

11. Multi-route switcher

12. Software

13. Carton packing


Basic Configuration

High Brightness Mirror

Mirror Holder and Cover Package

17 or 19 Inch High BrightnessLCD Monitor,

LCD Bracket

Fixing Screws

VGA Cable*2pcs

Power Adapter &Cable,



Multi-Route Switcher


Main Technical Parameters:

1. Lcd monitor Size: 17 ”/19”

2. Brightness: 450cd/m2

3. Contrast Ratio: 5501∶

4. View angle: 80/80/70/70 Deg.(up/down/left/right)

5. Resolution: 1024×768

6. Input interface: VGA

7. View distance : 1.5-8m

8. Net weight: ≤6kg

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