FB-LED516 Handheld Continuous Lighting
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06 มกราคม 2559

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*Long thin designed lamp provides brighter illuminance
*Adopt 3200K-5600K double color temperature,two different group of LED can be interchanged freely,suitable for various shooting envienment.
*Built-in battery and small size design for the ease of carring.
*No light stand or additional devices is required for the perfect handheld LED continuous lighting lamp.
*LED array light source is covered in the specially designed dufussion pannel,so the light is even and soft without application of extra soft box.


Lamp Size: Φ55*553mm
Weight: 0.95kg
Power Draw: 15W
Voltage range: DC12V
Color Temperature: 3200K±200K& 5600K±300K
Illuminance: 780 Luxim


1*LED Continous Lighting Lamp
1*AC Power Adapter
1*Carrying Cage
1/4& 3/8 inch Stand Adapter


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