Continuous Lighting Redhead Light 800w Dimmable
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06 มกราคม 2559

ผู้ชม 1686 ผู้ชม

This light fit for DSLR / SLR cameras and Video cameras.

This is a continuous Red Head light with an 800w halogen bulb and a barn door. There is a screw at the bottom of the lamp which can modulate the bulb's focus. The light attached with the foldable barn door to adjust light intensity when change the placket angle of barn door. When the bulb is much more closed to the bottom of the light, the ray will be more centralize. On the contrast, when the bulb is far from the bottom, the ray will be scatted.

Power Range:800W
Power Sources:100V-130V / 220V-240V

Package including:

1 x Redhead Light 800w with Dimmer
1 x 800w Light Bulb


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