LEDgo LG-1200CS Bi-color
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06 มกราคม 2559

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The LG-1200CS LED Studio Lighting fixture features the cool, energy efficient qualities that meet the need of lighting professionals. The LG-1200CS also boasts technical innovations that make it an ideal professional imaging tool:Light Weight, Adjustable Brightness, High CRI.The LG-1200CS provides soft light to reproduce color faithfully,suitable for Broadcasting, Media.

Product Features

  • With 1200 pcs high output LED bulbs provide higher brightness for optimum illumination and diffuser.

  • Color-correct with high color rendering index (Ra≥90), better reproduce color faithfully.

  • Universal input 100V-240V AC

  • Four-core power socket ,safe and secure.

  • Barn doors: use special surface and edge processing, more comfortable for touch, more wearable.

  • Special circuit and housing design for better dissipation.

Model LG-1200CS
Power 72W
CRI Ra≥95
Illumination(LM) 8050LM
Illumination(Lux) 1M:12500Lux
Color Temperature Bi-color Stepless control from 5400K/3200K
Brightness Control Dimmer/Radio dimmer control option
Dimension(mm) 46.5×39.3×8.4
Weight(Without battery) About 2850g


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