Kramer PT-110EDID Computer Graphics Video over Twisted Pair Transmitter with EDID
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06 มกราคม 2559

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The PT−110EDID is a twisted pair transmitter for computer graphics video signals. It converts a computer graphics signal into a twisted pair signal that is converted back to a computer graphics video signal when used with a compatible receiver.

  • Max. Resolution - WUXGA & 1080p.
  • HDTV Compatible.
  • EDID Capture - Copies and stores the EDID from a display device.
  • Sync Polarity Settings - H & V switches for improved display compatibility with the CAT 5 outputs.
  • System Range - Up to 100m (320ft). Greater distances possible depending on resolution and cable.
  • Cable - UTP (unshielded twisted pair) or STP (shielded twisted pair) such as CAT 5.
  • Power Connect™ System - A single connection to the transmitter or the receiver powers both units when the devices are within 150ft (50m) of each other.
  • Ultra Compact Pico TOOLS™ - 4 units can be rack mounted side−by−side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK−4PT rack adapter.


Presentation and multimedia applications.
Long range graphics distribution for schools, hospitals, security, and stores.

INPUT: 1 VGA/UXGA on a 15−pin HD connector.
OUTPUT: 1 RJ−45 LINE OUTPUT connector.
RESOLUTION: Up to WUXGA & 1080p.
S/N RATIO: 69dB (worst case).
DIMENSIONS: 6cm x 6.5cm x 2.5cm (2.36" x 2.56" x 1") W, D, H.
WEIGHT: 0.14kg (0.31lbs) approx.
ACCESSORIES: Power supply.
OPTIONS: RK−4PT 19−inch rack adapter.
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