Pelican 1500 Case with Dividers (Black,Yellow ,Orange)
หมวดหมู่สินค้า: Hard Case / Bag
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The Pelican 1504 Waterproof 1500 Case with Padded Black Dividers (Black) is an unbreakable, watertight, airtight, dustproof, chemical-resistant and corrosion-proof hard case used to carry any kind of equipment that needs to be protected from the elements. It is made of Ultra-High Impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable. It has a 0.25" (6.4mm) neoprene o-ring, easy-open double throw latches that seal perfectly. It includes an automatic pressure equalization valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. It is carried by a folding rubber over-molded handle.

This case includes a 14 piece padded black divider set consisting of one tray, two long, two medium and nine short padded and flexible dividers.


• Ultra-High Impact structural copolymer
• Watertight, crushproof, and dust proof
• Padded black divider interior
• Open cell core with solid wall design
• Stainless steel hardware

Includes a 14-piece padded black divider set consisting of one tray, two long, two medium and nine short padded and flexible dividers

Automatic pressure equalization valve0.25" (6.4mm) neoprene o-ring

Easy-open double throw latches

Temperature rating -40 to +210°F (-40 to +95°C)

Rubber over-molded handle


• IP67 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes)
• Def Stan 81-41/STANAG 4280


Material Exterior: Ultra-High Impact copolymer
Exterior: Open-cell core with solid wall design
Interior: Ballistic nylon inserts
Type of Closure Double throw latches
Stainless steel padlock protectors
Waterproofing Watertight to 30'
O-Ring sealed
Maximum Buoyancy Floats in salt water with 50 lbs (22.68kg) load
Exterior Dimensions 18.5 x 14.06 x 6.93" (46.99 x 35.71 x 17.6cm) (WxDxH)
Interior Dimensions 16.75 x 11.18 x 6.12" (42.54 x 28.4 x 15.54cm) (WxDxH)
Lid depth: 1.81(4.6cm)
Bottom depth: 4.31 (10.9cm)
Interior Fitting 14-piece black divider set
Accommodates Equipment that requires protection from shock and the elements, plus small and large items that need to be organized
Carrying/Transport Options Fold-down handle
Weight 9.39 lbs (4.26kg) 1
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