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Nothing less than a vision to put the power of control where it's needed. With this flexible wired remote control you can control anything you can program your Arduino board to access. SKAARHOJ provides the open source ATEM Arduino software library that allows it to talk to Blackmagic Design ATEM switchers.


  • 8 red/green backlit broadcast quality buttons
  • Transparent button caps for custom labels
  • Buttons fully programmable from Arduino Ethernet Board (not included)
  • 4x M3 threads and 1/4"-20 thread on back: Fits camera mounting plates
  • 3m cable to Arduino Breakout Board
  • Alternative button arrangements on request (based on BI8 board layouts)
  • Machined from thick aluminum plates
  • Final finish: Blue anodization (like other SKAARHOJ designs)
  • Compatible with Ethernet enabled Arduino Boards (not included)
  • 100% Creative Commons design (CC-by-sa)
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