Accusys ExaSAN B08S3-PS
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The ExaSAN B08S3-PS, specially configured with 8 SSD drives, delivers over 1600MB/s speeds.

This is 2 times Thunderbolt speeds. If the requirement is to copy, migrate, or transfer files in a short amount of time, B08S3-PS is the storage asset you cannot be without.

In 12 minutes, 1TB can be copied.

A Must Have for Working with the Next Level of Uncompressed Content

The B08S3-PS is a must have RAID system for the HD, 2K, and 4K editing process, It not only can store large 2K and 4K files easily, its high speed and equalization features allow it to move files without frame drops. The compact B08S3-PS is a BIG performer.

Connect SAN and DAS With One Z2M Hybrid function HBA card

Now you can connect both SAN network and local DAS storage with one card. With one connector of this dual port Z2M HBA card connected to a B08S3-PS or any of ExaSAN PCIe3.0 storage device, and other to SWF16 V2 or any of ExaSAN PCIe2.0 switch. You can immediately download footage form shared storage to local DAS then upload back after editing in exceptional speed.


  • The above figure shows a workstation in an ExaSAN SAN network both connect to SAN and DAS.
  • One workstation attached to one B08S3-PS units through one QSFP Z2M port and to SWF16 V2 to share the SAN workflow via another port.
  • 64Gb bandwidth, support full speed of both SAN and DAS
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux OS workstations
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