Accusys ExaSAN A12S2-PS
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1200MB/s speeds to edit HD, 2K and 4K DPX

The Accusys ExaSAN A12S2-PS, the newest member of the ExaSAN family of storage solutions provides high speed data transfers up to 1200MB/sec while scaling capacity from 12 drives to 48 drives. With 4TB drives supported, a single A12S2-PS disk channel can manage 192TB.. It features PCI Express 2.0 technology capable of 1200MB/s that can easily edit multiple HD, 2K and 4K DPX video streams, even stereo 3D editing workflows. The ExaSAN A12S2-PS is the key storage component of an ExaSAN solution enabling collaborative shared storage editing workflows possible for the budget conscious.


The PCIe 2.0 ExaSAN Advantage

The ExaSAN A12S2-PS utilizes PCIe2.0 technology supporting 5Gb/s per lane which doubles the speed of PCIe1.1 technlogy that supported speeds up to 2.5Gb/s. Using PCIe2.0 x 4 lanes throughout the data path, from HBA (host bus adapter), to cable, to RAID controller, all support 20GB/s (5Gb/s x 4lanes). It is full speed ahead from the workstation to storage.

All non-ExaSAN data transmission from workstation to RAID controller require protocol conversion from PCIe to other protocols, such as Fibrechannel. If the workstation PCIe2.0 bus can provide data at 20Gb/s to the Fibrechannel HBA, the output of that HBA is 8Gb/s. It remains 8Gb/s through the FC cable to the FC RAID controller. On the FC HBA, a powerful processor is computing, you can see by the size of the heat sink on the chip to cool it, converting the PCIe data from the workstation to 8Gb Fibrechannel takes power. This conversion process adds overhead and heat, to only transfer data at 40% (8Gb/20Gb) of ExaSAN speeds. This powerful FC chip, as many things powerful, on the HBA makes it very expensive compared to the ExaSAN HBA.

So the two salient facts for considering ExaSAN storage solutions are faster and lower cost, both save you money.


Comparing the Storage Protocols

Every PCIe 2.0 path runs at 5Gb/s and with the HBA, cable, and A12S2-PS RAID controller processing 4 lanes results in a bandwidth of 20Gb. PCIe2.0 x 4 lanes is 2.5 times fasten than 8Gb Fibre channel.


Shared Storage Workflow

Up-grading to a SAN is a must for even the heaviest editor workloads, and with an ExaSAN compact solution kit you have made the best SAN choice. How can you upgrade to a total ExaSAN solution?

How can the total ExaSAN storage solution reduce your worload enhance your work environment?



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