Accusys ExaSAN A08S3-PS
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The next-generation 8 bay storage tower with more depth and faster performance.

The first PCIe 3.0 desktop model of the ExaSAN family, this 8-bay RAID system will support SAS and SATA drives(4TB and above). It retains the style and professional design of its predecessor but has had a major upgrade to its central core. It now uses PCIe 3.0 technology with throughput of up to 1200 MB/s. Expansion is easy – double up performance with a Dual Port 3.0 HBA Card!


The Performance

One workstation attached to one A08S3-PS

● Performance: up to approximately 1200 MB/s

● Max. Capacity: 32TB (based on 4TB capacity)



Interface precise suitable for Media workgroup

Different from other interfaces which double the time of signal transporting, PCIe interface provides the highest speed, lowest retardation and consistent stability data flow. A08S3-PS supports 6G SAS and SATA hard-disks, users can select hard drives according to their usage and budget.

For users who pursue an cost-friendly storage system, SATA HDD is an ideal choice to build up a 32TB-large capacity, for users who demand high data security, they can choose high stability and optimized performance SAS HDD to process high data flow. Base on PCIe's high specification, which provides 800MB/s bandwidth in every channel, the A08S3-PS has four data transmission channel, in total 32Gb/s of bandwidth.

The A08S3’s 1200MB/s is powerful and be capable to meet most post production works' requirements. The A08S3-PS’ high performance is not only stands for maximizing the utilization of every HDD but also represents the quality, standard and efficiency at film editing process for media workgroup.


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